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Software development

Every company has its unique way of conducting business. Internal and external business processes are different for each organization. Even though standard applications are more and more well-developed, they often fail to fully support these different processes. Unfortunately, the implementation of an ERP system is financially impossible for many companies, especially SMEs. In order to provide smart software solutions to companies of all types and sizes, we make customized software applications. Whether we look at ways tp better use your existing software systems, develop new software components or integrate new and existing systems: Xillion’s software solutions help you to reach the highest potential of your business processes.

In order to create fitting software applications, we carefully map the needs of your organization. Would you like to help your employees to reach new levels of efficiency? Do you want to improve the communication between your customers and employees? Or do you want to get a grip on your data and information? We develop software solutions that support your company in the best possible way. This will bring you countless advantages, of which cost and time saving will certainly not be the least. We build the missing links in your application chain!

“By writing custom-made software for businesses, we can deliver maximum added value to companies through smart ICT solutions. However, companies also need a good ICT infrastructure in order to make this software work well. Xillion supplies both.”

We create affordable customized software solutions, by combining the following elements:

Desktop and server software for both macOS (Apple) and Windows (Microsoft), fully tailored to and developed for your (internal) business processes.

Tailored apps make it possible to make data and functionalities available for your business relations and/or employees: anywhere and at all times. For both Android (Google) and iOS (Apple).

Smart online applications make it possible to provide data and functionalities to your relations and/or employees on virtually all modern devices.

A large variety of data is recorded in your organization on a daily basis. By collecting and combining these big data, we can transform them into valuable information that you can use to make your organization work smarter and more effective.

By optimally matching existing and new business processes and systems, you can prevent miscommunications leading to unnecessary extra work, save time and reduce the margin of error.

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