Local & Cloud

Maximum result through the right strategy.

With smart Cloud services we combine a well-considered basis of building blocks for the management of your local workplaces, network equipment and servers. In this way we improve the productivity and efficiency of our customers. Our services are characterized by flexibility on the one hand and predictable costs on the other. That way you know exactly where you stand

Integrate new systems with existing systems?

Do you have existing systems and / or services that you want to continue working with? Then we look for the possibilities to integrate these systems in our cloud services. Hybrid configurations between local servers (on-premise) and the cloud are no problem for us.

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Technical Management & Monitoring
Management and support of your ICT infrastructure
Microsoft 365
Access to Microsoft 365 applications anywhere, anytime and at any device
Business Desktop
A fully managed IT work environment in the cloud
Business Infrastructure
Flexibly computing and storage capacity according to your own needs
Business Mail Security
High-quality security for e-mail
Business Telephony
IP-based telephony solutions
Endpoint Security
Protect your business environment with Endpoint Security
Domain registration & SSL
Register your own domain with a SSL certificate
Fast, safe and stable connections
Online Back-up & Restore
A complete business backup solution
Online Back-up & Recovery
A business backup solution with extra continuity options
Shared Webhosting
Host your website online

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