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It is impossible to not include automation when making your business future-proof. Reliable IT advice is an absolute necessity in order to develop your organization at a higher rate. Through monitoring, we can make sure that you constantly benefit from the latest technologies and that your business processes are kept up-to-date at all times. By cleverly grouping and safeguarding your (current) ICT infrastructure, we will make your organization more resistant to ever-changing circumstances.

Xillion’s ICT advisors have the know-how and experience to make the right choices from the wide range of available techniques and solutions that are available for your business. We don’t solely focus on the latest and most exciting technical solutions, but pay close attention to your entire (business) process.

We offer three types of consulting:

Do you feel like your ICT network could be equipped better and would you like to know which improvements we would suggest?
With our Quickscan, we can offer you an insight into the possible short- and long-term improvements that could be made.

Has your ICT system been set up professionally, but does it not completely function the way you wanted it to? We would like to provide you with a fair and independent second opinion, by taking a look at the modules or processes that could be arranged differently.

We strive for a long-term cooperation with our customers.
Not just because it makes our work more fun, but especially because we can really offer structural added value in this way.
By thinking about the entire business process, we will set up a solid ICT plan that you will be able to rely on for years to come.

Did you know…
that there are risks to making information available online to employees and third parties? Unfortunately, the security of ICT infrastructures remains an underexposed topic. At Xillion, (online) security is one of the top priorities within our advisory and consulting services. We believe that the only way to optimize (online) security, is by making it an integral part of your ICT system and business processes.

We offer the following security solutions: firewalls | antivirus services | spam filters | ‘one-time password’ solutions | (online) back-up services | back-up facilities